Profiles in Black Creativity: Lauren Thomas Wants to Celebrate Lives, Not Just Memories

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The multitalented copywriter created RPA's 'Our Flowers' art and apparel

Celebrating Black lives should be part of daily life experiences in America, not something reserved for moments of tragedy.

To spread that message, RPA copywriter Lauren Thomas created an art series and special merchandise collection in collaboration with her agency’s online store, RPAxGoods.

“I wanted to create something that both Black people and allies could proudly wear while making a statement: Support, cherish, and uplift Black people while we’re still here,” she says.

As part of Adweek’s Profiles in Black Creativity, Thomas shares how this project, benefiting a nonprofit in her hometown, came to fruition.

On the message driving the ‘Our Flowers’ product line: “Give us our flowers now,” Thomas says, “not just at the climax of injustice, but every single day.”  

On turning creativity into hometown support: Profits from her collection will go to Prince George’s Arts and Humanities Council in Thomas’ home of Prince George’s County, Maryland. “PG County is a majority Black community with exceptional creative talent,” she says. “Everyone needs opportunities, especially local ones.”

On her goals for self-improvement: “I want to reclaim my confidence and be patient. I want to remind myself that I’m still new; I’m still learning, I’ve done great things, and even greater things are to come.”

Proceeds from Thomas’ designs benefit the Prince George’s Arts and Humanities Council.