Farmers® Insurance

Important Things Aren’t Worth Compromising

Because we know a thing or two about leveraging brand equity.

Thanks to years of reminding people that “We know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two,” Farmers® has become synonymous with quality insurance. Leveraging that strong equity, we expanded our Effie-winning campaign (awarded for advertising effectiveness) to remind people that some things are just too important to compromise on. Like wedding DJs. Or your insurance. And that with Farmers, you can choose both quality insurance and great savings, without having to compromise one for the other.

J.K. Simmons, who plays Professor Burke, continues to deliver our message as the Farmers “spokes-character,” aligning with long-held industry research showing consistent use of distinctive brand iconography across channels drives stronger brand linkage, leading to increased marketing impact.  

The TV portion of the campaign humorously highlights the unfortunate and unintended consequences of compromising on important things to save a few bucks, like staring at a concrete pillar for nine innings or making wedding memories you wish you could forget.

Since social and digital are key channels to connect with our audience, we brought a fresh and relevant approach to Farmers digital strategy. In the “Cul-de-sac of Compromise” digital series, a new cast of characters helps illustrate what ill-considered compromises homeowners might be tempted to make.

Developed for skippable digital placements, the “Epic Skips” series encourages people not to compromise their time for the ad (or quality insurance for savings), while tempting them with spectacles that they won’t want to skip.

For the “Runs in the Family” series for TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, Farmers introduces Professor Burke’s social-savvy daughter, Natalie, who helps deliver the “no compromise” message, family influencer-style. Other social media content brings to life the pitfalls of compromising on things like DIY-mounting a TV.

It all worked together to spread the latest piece of wisdom from Farmers, that “if it’s important, it’s not worth compromising,” whether that’s your insurance or an advertising campaign.

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