Long Live the Lazy™

Starting a don’t-movement for comfort.

The furniture category had become increasingly crowded, and competitive campaigns were starting to look a lot like La-Z-Boy® advertising. After a successful, decade-long campaign, it was time for a shift.  RPA worked together with La-Z-Boy to dig into what the brand could uniquely stand for, that would stand out in a sea of perfectly accessorized furniture. The answer was clear: lazy moments brought to you by cozy, feet-up comfort.

And the timing couldn’t be better, because we could all use a little more lazy time. We’re living in a world that is always asking us to do more. Work longer hours. Throw Pinterest-perfect parties. Never have a pillow out of place. All that pressure was causing some serious discomfort for our audience, and it was time to push back.

So, RPA and La-Z-Boy started a movement — or rather, a don’t-movement. The Long Live the Lazy™ campaign proudly takes back what it means to be “lazy,” and reminds people that La-Z-Boy has the comfiest furniture out there. The campaign pushes against the category’s overly staged imagery by showing people putting their feet up and getting really comfortable. We’re inviting everyone to join us on the sofa for a well-deserved lazy moment, and to kick back and recline when they feel inclined.

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