RPA and the Super Bowl
We don’t create Super Bowl ads. We create Super Bowl campaigns.

There are no higher stakes for advertisers than the Super Bowl. Fans expect high-quality entertainment and clients expect results. Our deep experience crafting Super Bowl campaigns — not just TV spots but uniquely integrated, multi-channel marketing mixes that deliver key brand metrics well past Super Sunday — has been game-changing for our clients.

Game Plan

Games may be decided on game day but they are won well in advance, through careful planning and strategizing.

We never hang success on a single big play, the in-game Super Bowl spot. We plan sustained, comprehensive campaigns, including pre- and post-game efforts, that result in headlines like “Honda Won The Super Bowl Before It Even Began” from AdAge about our Ferris Bueller CR-V campaign

In fact, our unbranded, 10-second teaser was so effective it had pundits wondering whether a new Bueller movie was about to drop. After the game, not only did our Bueller spot run away with reviews, but shopping activity on Honda’s website tripled in the month to follow, with dealers reporting February as the CR-V’s best sales month ever.


X's and O's

Super Bowl success is a team effort. As a full-service advertising agency, we field an all-pro roster at every position, all hands working together to develop the critical plays that generate winning results.

With Intuit® Quickbooks,® we executed advertising’s version of the flea-flicker and hidden ball trick all rolled into one. To establish Quickbooks’ dedication to small businesses, we secured them a Super Bowl spot. But instead of running an ad for QuickBooks, we held a contest to feature the first small business to run an ad in the big game. Nearly 18,000 small businesses entered, with Goldiblocks winning an RPA-produced Super Bowl ad, courtesy of Intuit.

The result? Talk about unpaid brand impressions. It generated nearly 7 billion earned brand impressions and 463 million social views. Plus, all 17,640 contest entrants became members of Quickbooks’ new online small business community.

A Philosophy of Winning

In Super Bowl advertising, winning, to borrow a phrase, isn’t everything — it’s the only thing. Which is why we don’t build Super Bowl campaigns for the sake of the spectacle. Winning depends on meeting attainable business objectives.

Like any good coach, RPA customizes a game plan based on team goals and facts on the ground. We create full campaigns that maximize client investment and boast a record of delivering concrete results.

Please take a look below at the story behind some of the most effective Super Bowl campaigns in recent years.

This is what winning looks like on advertising’s biggest stage. It’s a win like no other. And that’s something nobody can take away from you.

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