Answering the Call of the Cravings

The convenience store category has long been seen as a sea of sameness — leading most people to go to whichever store they happen to see first. So how do you get busy, on-the-go customers to seek you out and drive an extra block? You play into something they can’t ignore — their cravings.  

When cravings come around they take a mental front seat and are impossible to disregard until they’ve been satisfied. And these little pleasures like your favorite bag of chips, morning coffee or a sweet treat are also more important now than ever as they provide a moment of relief from day-to-day stresses and feelings of looming economic uncertainty.

As the purveyors of Too Much Good Stuff, ampm has always had the goal of satisfying our guests' cravings, but it was time to bring this to the forefront in a new way that made us a destination. So, RPA and ampm redefined convenience. The Crave-venience campaign launched last year and showed consumers that we have convenient food + beverages that are uniquely craveable — items and flavors that up the ante on what you find at a typical c-store. The work pushed against what’s out there in the category through mouthwatering visuals and copy and ideas focused unexpected quality.

This year, we built upon the campaign by focusing our Crave-venience lens on three core product categories: breakfast, cookies and Hispanic snacks + beverages. By leaning into these areas, we’re further highlighting how we can fulfill fans’ cravings through our array of Too Much Good Stuff while encouraging them to come back time after time, day or night, for that moment of satisfaction.

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