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It’s amazing what can happen when you put people first.

Over the course of more than 35 years in business, we’ve produced some incredible results for our client-partners and for our people. Check out our open positions or continue reading to learn more about the values we aspire to practice every day.
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Core Values

RPA creative office workers congregating in a courtyard

People First

Empowered people do amazing things. They create advertising that grows businesses and affects culture in positive ways. They build relationships that endure, in an industry that’s far too often a revolving door. And they thrive professionally, while having the time to flourish personally and pursue the passions that make our people so darn lovely.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We believe that all people should be included and represented equally. And that can’t happen if we don’t recognize and address the social injustices that keep our industry from representing our society.

RPA Represent is our people-powered diversity and inclusion initiative, a coalition of task forces actively addressing everything from recruitment and advancement to cultural education and awareness. At the last count, roughly one out of every six RPA Associates is actively involved in RPA Represent initiatives.

Latinx employee resource group members at a heritage celebration
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Growth Partners

Our first job is to help our clients grow their businesses, but we’re also passionate about supporting our Associates in their professional growth. We want people’s time at RPA to be the most valuable of their careers, because next-level Associates create next-level work. Partnerships thrive. Careers flourish. At RPA, we pride ourselves in helping people reach the next stage of their craft and propel their careers.


Our priority is the safety and comfort of our people. So, we’ll be working from our home offices, cabins, couches, backyards and wherever else for the foreseeable future. And though we miss the happy hours and Pub Talks, the workshops and summer concerts, we know that RPA is so much more than the walls around our offices. We’ll see you back at the office when things change. In the meantime, social distance only makes our hearts grow fonder.
RPA is committed to the diversification of leadership and talent at all levels to better reflect the diversity of the country.

We are taking collective action to affect change across recruiting, retention, and advancement. Some of these initiatives include:

  • Signing the In For 13 pledge and publicly sharing our diversity data
  • Establishing a Policy and Action Committee: a diverse, cross-disciplinary group of mid- to senior-level associates empowered to act as agents of change within the agency
  • Creating RPA Up: a diverse leadership development program to train mid-level associates in the business of the agency and task them with developing solutions to business challenges, which they present to executive leadership
  • Partnering with MAIP and MADE to find diverse talent across the nation; AAF, to actively recruit from HBCU schools; and COOP, a program that specializes in digital marketing education for first-generation immigrants
  • Launching a new resume-free intern application which has successfully encouraged more folks from atypical backgrounds to apply

We've created an environment where all Associates are seen and valued and have equal opportunity to excel in their roles. We know we have work to do to reach our goal of leadership as diverse as the U.S., and we are committed to doing (and measuring) the hard work over the long run to get there.

Topline RPA Diversity Numbers as of December 2023

For detailed diversity numbers, click here.
Census diversity data, for reference:
Nathan Crow
SVP/Group Creative Director
“Advertising is a means to an end. We stay focused on what matters most to our client's business. The true end is growing profit margin.”
Nathan Crow
SVP/Group Creative Director
“Advertising is a means to an end. We stay focused on what matters most to our client's business. The true end is growing profit margin.”