The Dream Generator

Making EVs approachable with AI

For many families, electric vehicles can feel unapproachable and impractical, with daunting technologies, cramped cabins and limited range. But to show that the Prologue EV is different, we used AI as an expression of the power of dreams to create The Honda Dream Generator, a first-of-its-kind interactive experience that invites families to create their own animated Prologue adventure story, making the Prologue more approachable and exciting for the whole family.

Available on FireTV, mobile and desktop, The Dream Generator invites the viewer to choose from several different options, such as a setting, an object you want to take with you, and your family members. It then employs AI to produce a two-minute animated story that depicts a family taking their Prologue on an extraordinary journey through a magical place, such as outer space, a prehistoric dinosaur land or a microscopic adventure. Because there are multiple variables from which viewers choose from, there are more than 190 story variations and AI-animated films that can be created.

Resulting in a fun and dynamic experience that positions the Prologue as the EV designed for amazing family adventures.

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