We’ve Done Your Home Work

In a market dominated by big, established players, faced the challenge of making a mark in the home search category as a newcomer with no brand awareness. So, how did we introduce the brand and get home-shoppers to remember it in a category where Zillow had become a verb? By showing people that is different, and is home-shopping the way it should be.

Buying a home is one of the most consequential decisions most people will ever make, which is why they want to feel knowledgeable and armed with as many details as possible, so they can imagine life in their new homes and neighborhoods. But most of the time, information is lacking or scattered across various sources, leaving shoppers feeling confused instead of confident. When people don’t have the right information, what should be a fun and exciting experience, becomes overwhelming and anxiety-producing.  

To let people know that was different, going beyond any other site to bring home-shoppers the deeper and richer details they were looking for, our campaign launched with the line, “We’ve done your home work.” Our ads focused on how has gathered firsthand information about the schools and neighborhoods they’re considering. As well as how they’ve built a comprehensive agent directory for shoppers to find the right agent partner, giving them confidence that they’ll find their new home.

The campaign launched in the Super Bowl, because when you want to be the leader, you need to act like the leader. The brand was hard to miss, with three spots in the game itself and teasers in the week leading up to it. The launch continued in a big way across TV, streaming video, digital, social and audio.

We’re showing home shoppers that when it comes to one of the most important decisions of their lives, was here to help, and has done their home work.

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