Sharing Happiness Through Stories

Pocky is an iconic Japanese treat that has a very engaged, passionate fan base here in the United States. However, it is still seen as a niche, international snack and not a mainstream go-to. If we were going to make it into the routine sweets rotation, we needed to expand awareness and increase the usage occasions that shoppers thought to buy Pocky for.

What we uncovered was that when you share Pocky, you’re sharing more than a chocolate-covered biscuit stick — you’re truly sharing a little piece of happiness. Sharing a box of Pocky opens up the opportunity to create special moments that can turn into lasting memories. And everyone who loves Pocky has amazing stories of times when sharing Pocky brought them joy.

Whether it’s enjoying Pocky with your grandpa while hearing stories about his past, sharing a box with your friend who just became a new mom, or using Pocky as an icebreaker to make a new friend, Pocky has this special ability to create connective moments that we cherish and remember for years to come. 

We launched “Share Pocky. Share Stories.” to highlight these moments and establish a strong connection between the brand and happiness. We leaned into the themes of authenticity and storytelling that resonated with both of our audience groups — Millennial Moms and Gen Z — and took a more lifestyle approach to integrating Pocky into real-life scenarios and raising mainstream perceptions. Additionally, we created content that provided actionable inspiration of creative ways to share Pocky in social and digital channels, along with shoppable units and online shopping landing pages to make the purchase process seamless and capture the interest we drove.

So, not only did we help Pocky reach their goals, but we were able to share a bit more happiness with the world.

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