Multicultural Starts with People
We believe the most effective multicultural marketing starts with people.

There’s a tendency to approach multicultural marketing by trying to identify the differences between cultural groups rather than the similarities. It’s why some multicultural advertising can feel apart from the brand rather than unique to it. RPA sees things differently; we believe people are fundamentally more similar than they are different. The uniqueness of a multicultural audience is still critical to understand; it’s how they fit into and create the whole that is most important. We have an evolved approach to multicultural marketing that’s inclusive. It’s a way of engaging communities with unique cultural, regional, and linguistic characteristics in a way that represents and embraces them rather than treating them as niche and separate. We call this approach Mosaic, because we believe you have to thoroughly understand each unique culture to get the overall picture. We also form Inclusive Intelligence Teams to better understand the nuances of different groups. Each cross-functional, cross-client team brings its expertise of a particular group of people along with a broader view that allows a more complete picture to emerge. This ensures that RPA has an open-minded and inclusive approach to everything we create, which leads to more effective marketing for our clients.

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