Our favorite April Fool's pranks: Bob Evans Beauty, Honda Horn Emojis

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April Fool's: That day that social-media managers and the public love and the one that has taught the media to be suspicious of every press release that lands in their inbox.

Let's take a look at the cream of this year's crop:

Because drivers need more choices than a toot and and angry honk: Honda Horn Emojis
Car horns don't really have much in the way of range. If the light has turned green but the driver in front of you hasn't moved because they're looking at their phone, you might give them a friendly toot to say, "Hey, the light changed!" If someone's about to back into you, you give them a longer, "Hey, "I'm driving here!" honk. But what about all those driving emotions in between those two extremes? Like when traffic isn't moving and there's no visible reason why? Now you can signal to the drivers around you that you feel their pain with the "wah-wah" emoji.

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