Jeff Goldblum Is Brad Bellflower in These 'Apartment-A-Grams' for
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LBB Online recently launched several new social media campaigns with RPA to support their new TV launch messaging — enhancing your life by getting you “rented” right. With five new social campaigns launching in Q2, each campaign is intended to connect with people in different stages of apartment hunting.

One campaign, Apartment-a-grams, helps promote harmony among roommates and neighbors. Whether it’s the person you live with or the person next door, cohabitation can be tough. One of the keys to making it work is good communication — especially when it comes to the awkward stuff. is helping take care of these potentially touchy interactions with Apartment-a-grams: messages delivered by Brad Bellflower (actor Jeff Goldblum), from one cohabitant to another.

From reminders that rent is due the first of every month to calling out noise offenders and everything in between, will release a library of Apartment-a-grams as social posts and pre-roll ads, giving renters the opportunity to share them with those who need to hear their message most.

Apartment-a-grams will run on Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, YouTube and Twitter. You can view more of the ads here.

A second campaign, Tips for People Who Live in Places, emphasises that wants people to live their fullest happiest lives, which starts with finding the perfect place. But once a person finds that place, the pursuit continues. In a series of social videos, Brad Bellflower shares his secrets, philosophies, techniques, practices and idiosyncrasies to maximise your happiness, as a person living in a place.

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