Honda's serious wake-up call to parents who text and drive

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Honda here with your alarming statistic of the day: One in three parents text and drive with their children in the car.

This surprising figure has been brought to life by those at the auto brand working hard to change it.

Honda teamed up with West Coast agency RPA to produce a poignant wake-up call to all those parents guilty of putting their children in danger by distracting themselves at the wheel.

Jessica Fini, head of social media at Honda, said: "There are many awareness programs out there around the dangers of distracted driving, especially texting while driving, but it continues to be an issue. Even with connected and hands-free technologies, behavior still isn’t changing.

"When we discovered a shocking statistic, which is that one in three parents text while driving with their kids in the car, that’s when we knew we had to change the narrative.

"So we decided to flip the script and have teens – normally the biggest offenders of being on their phones – talk to their parents about texting and driving, letting them know how much it scares them and asking them to sign a pledge to stop. While the campaign focuses on family ties, our hope at Honda is that the issue resonates with drivers everywhere."

The emotional video is paired with a pledge parents can sign and share on social media with the hashtag "#TheTextTalk."

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