People Score

Predicting Success — With The People Score

A Proprietary People First Testing Tool

Predicting Success — With The People Score

The People Score is a psychology-rooted, scientifically validated, insight-rich testing tool — that’s powerfully predictive of business outcomes. But most importantly, it proves that the most successful work puts People First.

For decades, RPA has developed creative work from a People First perspective. Work that connects with brands with people in a way that provides value for both. Emotionally intelligent creative work. Work that respects our audience and builds brands at the same time it builds business.

We have always known that this approach works — the proof is in our clients’ business growth — but we couldn't find a testing methodology that got to the heart of measuring how “People First” any specific work is and how well it drives purchase intent. So we built one.

Check out the video below to see Hillary Haley, Ph.D. (Executive Director of RPA’s Behavioral Science practice), as she explains the thinking, validation and process behind the People Score.

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