Small Business, Big Game

Quickbooks: Small Business, Big Game

One lucky small business got a free Super Bowl spot. But everyone was a winner.

Quickbooks: Small Business, Big Game

Intuit QuickBooks didn’t want to simply say they’re a champion of small businesses. They wanted to prove it.

So they made a pretty bold move. They bought a Super Bowl ad — and gave it away. In fact, it was so successful the first time in 2014, they did it again in 2016.

RPA created the idea, developed all the elements and concepted and produced the ads for the winning small businesses.

2016 Program Overview

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2016 Winner: Death Wish Coffee Co.

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2014 Winner: GoldiBlox

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In giving away their spots, Intuit took their investment in the big game and multiplied the value of it, generating massive amounts of national PR coverage and social conversation for 8 full months before the game itself.

A free Super Bowl spot for a lucky small business is the opportunity of a lifetime. But the winners weren’t the only winners. The spots themselves were just the cherry on top. The actual program was an 8-month-long digital and social content program designed to help coach small businesses in their own social media promotion. We helped create a community where they could learn from experts and learn from each other.

Creative Team Q&A

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