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The Power of Dreams

Bringing Honda's purpose to life in everything we do

The Power of Dreams
"Creativity lies within you. Awaken it not just by thinking, but by putting ideas into action."

– Soichiro Honda

Honda believes in having the courage to bring imaginative ideas to life. The Power of Dreams has long been the companies guiding principle. And RPA is tasked with making sure that same powerful creative spirit that goes into designing and building Honda's vehicles goes into marketing Honda's vehicles.


You never know where a dream will lead you. We brought Honda’s story and purpose to life — and we did so in a highly imaginative and innovative way, so that the execution itself was a demonstration of Honda’s purpose.

The creative execution needed to feel like an extension of Honda, so we turned to an engineer's most fundamental creative tool — paper. A simple canvas where ideas first take form and then evolve.

Using stop-motion animation with roughly 3,000 hand-drawn paper images, we created a two-minute video that weaved together a story showcasing six decades of Honda’s creativity. It begins with Honda’s first engine and, through a series of paper-flips, escorts the viewer through the brand’s history and the wide range of Honda innovations through the years.

We made a splash by debuting the full two-minute version on Sunday Night Football. The response was immediate and overwhelmingly positive. In addition to the TV media buy, we created an interactive online version, generated tons of press coverage and were even nominated for an Emmy.

Better is a never-ending quest

The Accord is one of the most awarded, successful vehicles in the world. But that doesn’t mean Honda’s engineers sat back and coasted. Nope. Their success only made them raise their own bar higher.

So, to launch the all-new Honda Accord, we found a commonality between our audience and the passion that drives Honda’s engineers: “Better is a never-ending quest.” When you believe in the power of dreams, you’re always aiming for more. No matter how good you are, or how much you achieve, it’s in our nature to continue striving to beat it.

We brought this insight to life by bringing trophies to life. Trophies are an icon of success and achievement — but we showed them to be simply a marker along a constant quest to improve. No matter how many awards we win, we keep dreaming bigger.

We brought the campaign to life across all media, including video, print, digital and more. In social media, we created an engaging campaign that allowed people to nominate friends and colleagues who exemplify the “better is a never-ending quest” spirit by tagging them. We then generated custom, personalized award videos for each — bringing a mass media idea to a very personal level.


“Here’s to chasing dreams, and the amazing places they lead.”

The CR-V is Honda’s best-selling nameplate, and America’s best-selling utility vehicle. So when it came time to launch the newest CR-V during the 2017 Super Bowl, we did it in a way that paid tribute to all the dreamers it took to make that happen.

Every realized success was once just a dream. Achieving dreams takes persistence, dedication and a willingness to learn from failure. So we imagined a group of famous people who have realized their dreams — including Amy Adams, Steve Carell, Viola Davis, Missy Elliott, TinaFey, Magic Johnson, Jimmy Kimmel, Robert Redford, and Marvel comics legend Stan Lee — sharing that advice from a time when their dreams were just beginning.

We brought their real school yearbook photos to life via a combination of motion-capture and CG technology, and the results blew people away. It was the most talked-about commercial on a day full of talked-about commercials.

The Dreamer

One of the best aspects of the new Civic is just how incredible-looking it is. We wanted to show off the styling and performance of the vehicle, but do it in a way that stood out from the running-footage sameness of most car commercials.

So we visualized the car bursting to life from the imagination of a Honda engineer — literally escaping from the back of his brain via a technicolor roller-coaster of a test track.

Happy Honda Days and holiday magic

The holidays should be a magical time. But for children in the hospital, it can be an especially tough time.

Over the course of three years, Honda brought the Power of Dreams to life for some children that really needed it — leveraging technology and creativity to create a magical experience for the patients at Children's Hospital of Orange County.

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