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Everything Matters Because Everything Communicates

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At RPA, this quote is more than a decoration in our boardroom, it’s a philosophy we remind ourselves of every day to ensure that everything we produce for our clients lives up to the high standards of their brands. An example of that philosophy in action is the “car demo” videos we create for Honda.

For most car companies, demos are an essential tool when it comes to closing the deal. Honda has always put the utmost importance on even the smallest details of their cars, which begged the question, shouldn’t we be making demo videos to match?

Now, not everyone seeks out videos that showcase the ins and outs of car features. So, we kept this in mind, noting that most of our audience would already be in the trenches of the car-buying process. We knew the most important thing we could show would be the nitty-gritty of features that make each model unique.

RPA set out to reimagine these traditionally uninspiring sales tools, to make them not only effective, but entertaining. The challenge was making engaging videos that didn’t skimp out on showcasing the features of each car – pieces that flawlessly combined education with entertainment. “Edutainment,” as RPA Strategy Director Rich Bina calls it.

Starting with the Civic, we not only reimagined how these demo videos could be executed, but how they could be utilized. Turning them into entertaining pieces of content allowed us to not only use them as sales tools, but repurpose them into video pre-roll, social content and spots all their own.

Civic: "First Date - Greatest"

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For the Civic, we aimed to create a piece that would almost demand people watch it more than once. Just like the car, which was now better than before, we wanted to produce a video that could get better, as well. So we created an interactive video with more than one linear storyline. Throughout the course of the spot, people could press the arrow keys to toggle the “great,” “greater” and “greatest” versions of the story. And it definitely got people’s attention – 89% of people who started the videos used the toggle feature.

Odyssey: "Van Jam"

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Over the years, the Odyssey has become the ultimate family vehicle. To show off the latest features, we used a band of dancing kids to reflect the charm of the Honda brand. Everything from sliding seats to a CabinWatch™ camera were incorporated into an entertaining dance.

Ridgeline: "Ridgeline Anatomy"

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With a slew of innovative new features and an appeal to the rugged, outdoorsy type, the Ridgeline naturally lent itself to creative inspired by nature. An anthropological video showcased the “evolution of trucks” to create the ultimate specimen – the Ridgeline. The style helped showcase not only the cosmetic updates to the model, but also the inner workings that help the Ridgeline stand out.

With a client that always challenges us to push further, and knowing the role features play in car buying, we were able to blend education and entertainment. Closing the deal just got a little more fun.

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