RPA - Farmers Effies Win

David vs. Goliaths

How RPA and Farmers® Broke Through to Win Gold (Ogilvy), Silver (Effie), and Bronze (Effie) Awards

David vs. Goliaths

We are thrilled to announce that RPA and Farmers have won a Gold ARF David Ogilvy Award in the “Breaking Through” category, a Silver Effie Award in the Insurance category, and a Bronze Effie Award in the “David v. Goliath” category.


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Through an analytical and novel approach to brand planning and creative, we created a successful campaign despite our competition spending 3–10x more on advertising. And for Farmers Insurance, it wasn’t just the outsized disparities in advertising spend, but also the fact that insurance is a crowded category. The average consumer sees a full 30 insurance ads a week. Out of necessity, Farmers and RPA would need to create a campaign that could break through and grow awareness, consideration, and business despite being drowned out by competitors with bigger pockets in a noisy market.


“Breaking through and marketing awareness are two highly sought after metrics in the insurance industry, especially for Farmers,” said Leesa Eichberger, Head of Brand at Farmers. “When a brand is outspent and still able to sustain the type of recognition we have, it means our work is connecting with consumers the way we hope it will.”



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Because Farmers is a more premium offering than the market leaders, we first needed to identify and target a specific audience whose wants and needs aligned with Farmers’ core strengths.


Our Creative Campaign and the Value of Experience

Our creative campaign conveyed a potent idea about the value of experience that Farmers brings to insurance, expressed through the line: “We know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two.”

This idea synthesized Farmers value: No matter how outrageous a problem, Farmers has the experience to cover it. The campaign featured over 30 different unbelievable claims, each based on a real insurance claim that a Farmers agent handled.

We brought these outrageous claims to life with Professor Burke (J.K. Simmons), our tweed-clad teacher/spokesperson, who explained the wild stories to customers in a museum-like environment called the Hall of Claims. Each exhibit would reenact the claim that gave rise to it.

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Expanding Into Digital

We extended our television commercials onto Farmers.com with a virtual Hall of Claims. There, customers could learn more about the claim and connect the story to an actual type of insurance policy.

And we highlighted Farmers experience with engaging digital campaigns, also based on real claims, such as the “Flooded House Dog Diving Competition.”

During Oscars season, we launched a fictional awards show called “The Burkies.” We created six fake trailers for six fake movies—all based on real claims.

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“Insurance is a highly competitive category, so being able to sustain recognition and awareness for the Farmers brand requires a high degree of focus, agility, and creativity,” said David Measer, Senior Vice President, Group Strategic Planning Director at RPA. “The Farmers We Know From Experience campaign has led to some of the strongest brand metrics we have seen to date.”

This campaign showcased to our target audience that given Farmers’ 90 years of experience, they could get the coverage they need for life’s most outrageous moments.

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