Movin' on up

Movin' on up

Movin’ on up during the 2016 big game.

Movin' on up hired RPA to help establish them as a brand in a category that has no memorable brands. To do so, we created a campaign featuring Jeff Goldblum as “Brad Bellflower,” the “Silicon Valley Maverick” who “created” the “Apartminternet.” Clearly, we were poking a little fun at the standard digital startup clichés.

Nearly a year after launching the campaign, our clients wanted to go even bigger. For the Super Bowl, our goal was to create a wildly unexpected experience that would boldy stand out, while also fitting into the larger story we’d created for the brand.

A key truth we uncovered is that when people look for a new apartment they are almost always looking to “move up” from where they currently are. Changing your apartment literally changes your world. When the iconic theme song from The Jeffersons, “Movin’ On Up,” came to mind, we realized the connection was perfect.

In this spot, “Brad” commandeers a piano about to be moved into an apartment and launches into a unique rendition of the classic tune, all while being craned upward to a "deluxe apartment in the sky."

Along the way up, he peeks into the lives of its residents — each moving into a new apartment perfect just for them. Just as on, consumers can find the perfect place, in the ideal neighborhood, for whatever stage of life they're moving into.

Upon reaching the top-floor penthouse, Brad meets its inhabitants — a reimagined George (George Washington) and Weezy (Lil Wayne).

Movin' On Up :60

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Before the full spot was released, we put out three teasers, supported by a robust digital video campaign on YouTube and native video seeding partner Giant Media.

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Social Extensions

To re-seed the '80s theme song in the public conscience, we partnered with digital influencers like Kurt Schneider, Noah Guthrie and VanJess to help spread the #MovinOnUp spirit in their own way.

To encourage the use of #MovinOnUp, we collaborated with Buzzfeed to create a special listicle, "13 Small But Sure Signs That You Are Movin' On Up In The World," highlighting small life victories.

And for Super Bowl viewers who engaged in #MovinOnUp, there was a first-of-its-kind "choircast" of Sunday's game with a musical gospel choir play-by-play.

“'Movin' On Up' is a celebration of apartment living. We are extremely proud to be debuting the apartment industry's first ever ad during the Super Bowl."

– Andrew Florance, CoStar Group Founder and CEO

"By design, 'Movin On Up' prompts the viewer to want to watch it again and again to 'get' the story. That's a big win for"

– Joe Baratelli, CCO at RPA