California Horse Racing

California Horse Racing

California Horse Racing

Campaign Overview

For the first time, the California thoroughbred racing industry has joined forces to launch a statewide TV campaign promoting the sport and on-track attendance.

Aimed at young men who often weekend in Las Vegas, the spots take a humorous poke at the allure of Sin City.

In one, a young couple's life is interrupted by an unexpected visitor at the door, clearly a woman the man had encountered—and conveniently forgotten—on a previous trip to Vegas.

In another, a young woman uncovers an embarrassing tattoo on her boyfriend's backside and asks indignantly, "Who's Misty?"

The third spot, according to RPA creative director Pat Mendelson, is "the most subtle. It portrays a little interoffice intrigue, the aftermath of a company convention in Vegas gone wrong."


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Door Bell

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