Jet Setter

Jet Setter

Jet Setter

Campaign Overview

To get the Stearns & Foster® name out there as a premium mattress option, we partnered with swanky travel site Jetsetter to give away a "handcrafted getaway."

Aligned with our current campaign, "Tools of the Craft," and the brand promise that all Stearns & Foster beds are handcrafted, we invited people to share pictures of a perfectly crafted moment or item. Fans submitted photos of everything from beautiful sunsets to expertly crafted art for their chance to win an excursion to Venice, Italy, and a Stearns & Foster bed to come home to.

In a series of banner ads and short online videos, Stearns & Foster showcased the craftsmanship of their beds against the beautiful backdrop of Venice. These ads appeared on the social platforms of both Stearns & Foster and Jetsetter.


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