After eighteen years growing up in New York City, I decided to move to LA for college in 2010. Most people didn’t really know how to make sense of it since I’m “so New York;” I wear a lot of black, walk at the speed of light and am suspicious when strangers are nice to me.  I heard lots of “oh, you’ll hate it” and “you’ll be back in New York this time next year.” Six years later, I’m still here. What has kept me here? It can be summed up in three photos.

 This is my drive home. I’m not hopping over snow and slush or shoved up against someone in a subway car. I’m driving home with this view, windows down, blasting Beyoncé. If anyone in New York says they prefer the subway, they’re lying.

I have seen the most unique things and met the most unique people. There are definitely some grade-A weirdos in New York; I love and miss them dearly. But since moving here, I forced Mindy Kaling to take a photo with me while leaving a spin class and saw a pig being walked on a leash. You can’t make these things up and I thankfully have proof that I’m not.

The food in LA is insanely good. On multiple occasions, I have driven 30+ miles out of my way to sample the best taco, burger, donut, etc. in town. Also, everything tastes better when eaten in the brilliant sunshine.

New York will always be home but for right now, I have more than enough exciting reasons to love (and Instagram!) LA.