See the Light

See the Light

See the Light

Campaign Overview

With the release of yet another original and edgy multimedia campaign, RPA and Tool continue their fourth year of partnership in promotion of the annual Newport Beach Film Festival. This year’s package – on the power of film to elicit emotion – is the latest in a succession of traffic-stopping campaigns that have propelled the Festival to a power seat in the crowded film-festival circuit and includes a short film, print art, interstitials, program dividers and digital art.

At the heart of the campaign is "Mandible," a shocking short film directed by the standout Tool duo of Erich Joiner and three-time Academy Award-winner Robert Richardson (Django Unchanged, Inglourious Basterds, Shutter Island, Kill Bill: Vol. 1 & 2). The 7:00 short portrays a vengeful dentist, who with his sadistic sidekick tears a patient’s teeth out as a penalty for not flossing. Peppered with revealing thought montages and balanced with moments of beguiling calm, "Mandible" is a lucid exemplar of the power of film, a point underscored by the dentist who closes the film, looking from his mutilated subject to ask, "Are you repelled? Appalled? Amazed? Amused? We're particles of light on the screen, but we can make you feel anything."

As in years past, RPA and Tool took a renewed creative approach, determined to push boundaries and craft something that would shock even the seen-it-all film set. This year's advertising breaks away from the traditional 60-second format, evolving into a seven-minute showpiece that communicates the power of film.

The film lives on the Festival's site as well as YouTube (, and a :60 teaser ran before select films at the Festival. Signs throughout the Festival reminds the diverse audience of the power of particles of light to make people angry, ecstatic, sad or aroused. The campaign also included theater, print, digital, outdoor boards, a program book and interstitials. Print ran in the "Los Angeles Times," "Los Angeles Magazine," and "Esquire". Social-media activations included an integrated Twitter and Vine campaign featuring six-second videos.


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