When I first arrived at what was then the Los Angeles office of Needham Harper and Steers  in 1984, I was a Writer’s Strike ravaged TV scripter, a single mother of two, with no marketable office skills. The employment agency that sent me told me Needham was a publishing house, so English major that I was, I figured I could find something to do therein.

There was no HR department, so I was scheduled to meet with the then Finance Guy who was at The Client. It so happened that the then Office Manager was in the aisle typing (yes, they TYPED in those days, which were—btw--After Mad Men and Before Political Correctness).  Apparently, glimpsing me (I was thinner, tanner and blonder then) the Office Manager opined, “She’d look good with the furniture (the “school” colors then were maroon and gray and the space had a remarkable two-story glass and brass spiral staircase). Hire her”.

And so it came to pass.  My writing days are over, but thanks for asking.  I looked good with the furniture, and now I AM the furniture. And delighted to be just that.