It Takes Everything

It Takes Everything

It Takes Everything

Campaign Overview

This is the NBA, an it takes incredible sacrifice to overcome, excel, and win. It takes an unparalleled work ethic and unwavering belief in your teammates. And that's just page one.

Because pursuing this goal will truly take all you've got. Every night you are required to empty your tank completely. Skill. Effort. Sweat. Guts. Toughness. Talent. Tears. Trust. Hope. Dreams. Pain. Experience. Intelligence. Patience. Reflexes. Support. Fanatics. Belief. Respec. Rage. Drive. Commitment. Commitment. Commitment. And luck. That's page two.

When the microphones come out and the man from the paper or the station, or the blog asks, "What's it gonna take?" Every member of the Clippers knows the answer and sees it as not just a fact, but a promise.

It takes everything.

It Takes Everything :30

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