Own It Every Day

Own It Every Day

Own It Every Day

Campaign Overview

OWN IT Every Day has been a year-long celebration of small business owners and how they OWN IT. QuickBooks has long admired the unique drive of entrepreneurs and felt the world deserved to know just how inspiring they are. So we put the QuickBooks social media platforms to work.

We traveled to a new city every month, interviewed a new incredible small business owner each week, and created insightful, useful content based on what really matters to small businesses. Each day. For a full year.

In their own voices, they shared the hardships they've overcome, what drives them, advice to other business owners, and why it's all worth it. So far we've created a library of over 350 videos, chock full of business insights created by small businesses for small businesses. It's been a hit, garnering more than 27 million video views and an outpouring of positive responses on social media. Without any direct sales messaging, we still managed to change the consumer perspective about QuickBooks and solidified it as a small business advocate.

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