I used to love to cook...

I used to love to cook...

and then I became a mother of twins.

I used to love to cook...

Before having my beautiful twin daughters 19 months ago, my husband and I used to cook dinner together every night. Although I still love to cook, we now fill our evenings taking care of our girls and usually just eating their leftovers.

Here’s my ABC (Asparagus-Beet-Corn) salad recipe, for those of you who like to cook:

• Boil a big pot of water and add some salt

• Wash one red BEET and cut the ends off (leave the skin)

• Shuck one ear of CORN

• Wash a bunch of ASPARAGUS

• Put the beet in the water and boil for 45-60 minutes

• With 20 minutes left, add the ear of corn

• With 5 minutes left, add the asparagus

• When time is up, strain all vegetables and rinse with cold water

• Peel and cut up the beet and put into a large bowl

• Cut the corn off the cob and put into the same bowl

• Chop up the asparagus, add to the bowl

• Sprinkle with goat cheese

• Add olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper

• Serve at room temperature