Storytime with the Accord

Storytime with the Accord

Storytime with the Accord

Campaign Overview

Honda is tapping into its belief in the "Power of Dreams" to bring the restyled 2016 Accord to life through a child's eyes. A 4- and 6-year-old were asked to draw pictures, describe their drawings and invited to sit in the Accord driver's seat and imagine their story in the car. This unscripted, make-believe content was then turned into two videos — "T-Rex" and "Underwater". The idea of bringing a child's dream to life connects to the 2016 Accord TV spot, "Dreams," where a boy daydreams about his passion for cars.

"Storytime with the Accord" features two narrators: 4-year-old Caleb tells us about two dinosaurs driving an Accord to Mars to save a princess. And 6-year-old Kingsley's story brings the viewer on a fun underwater Accord adventure that includes dolphins, great white sharks and treasure.

To keep it charming and fun, the stage was designed to look like an elementary school play. Choreography, theatrical backdrops and various handmade props and illustrations helped to create appealing social content. Each of these stories highlights different features of the restyled 2016 Accord including the navigation system, rear back-up camera, LED headlights and dual climate controls. "Storytime with the Accord" will be shared on Honda’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Google+ and Pinterest social channels as a way to engage fans.


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