Campaign Overview

Starting September 3 Honda will launch an integrated advertising and marketing campaign supporting the redesigned 2014 Honda Odyssey (http://automobiles.honda.com/odyssey/). The campaign will kick-off with three TV spots featuring "spokescrumbs" voiced by actors Neil Patrick Harris ("How I Met Your Mother") and Rainn Wilson ("The Office"). The overall campaign includes television, print, mobile and digital executions highlighting the Odyssey's new solutions to improving family life, including the world's first available in-vehicle vacuum cleaner HondaVAC™.

The television creative ("Owner's Manual," "It's Here," and "Stampede") focuses on the floor of the Odyssey, where snacks and small toys dropped by young passengers end up eventually. Recognizable debris, such as lint balls (voiced by Harris) and gummy bears (voiced by Wilson) are enjoying the ride beneath the seats until the HondaVAC™ arrives on the scene and eliminates the CG-animated debris, giving the family back their clean car.

With the launch of the Odyssey campaign, Honda introduces its new tagline — "Start Something Special", which will be used across all of the brand's advertising. As a part of the new advertising effort, each ad will start with a mnemonic tone signaling to viewers that a Honda commercial is next. Each commercial will end with the new 'Start Something Special' tagline and a Honda logo. The tagline will be extended across multiple platforms including print and digital.

It's Here

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Owners Manual

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Clean Lines

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Cool Look

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