Campaign Overview

In sync with the launch of the all-new 2016 HR-V Crossover, Honda launched an original advertising campaign illustrating the brand's history of innovation that led to this crossover that gets everything right.

The campaign is made up of two distinctive TV spots, "Give and Take" and "Great Thinking Inside." "Give and Take" takes a lighthearted approach to depict a literal molding of people's faces, stretching and pulling ears, chins and foreheads to express the truth that it's difficult to get everything just the way you want it. The HR-V Crossover has found that no-compromise sweet spot where everything is perfect.

"Great Thinking Inside" appeals to Honda enthusiasts' sense of nostalgia. With the Honda Prelude, del Sol, Element and others set in Russian-nested-doll fashion, the advertisement shows how one good idea leads to another, and how Honda's continuous building on past successes have arrived at its latest iconic car, the HR-V Crossover. Sammy Davis Jr.'s "Gonna Build a Mountain" provides a classic, memorable soundtrack.

Simple, eye-catching print work conveys the idea that big isn't the only way to versatility. Print insertions will be seen in Road & Track, Autoweek, MotorTrend and more and will be in the form of magazine fold-ins. Unfolded, the car stretches out to show a bigger vehicle. Folded in, the ad depicts the HR-V Crossover and all the cargo items it can transport.

In addition, the all-new HR-V Crossover is being supported with a completely redesigned model section at Every 2016 Honda model will showcase this new look and feel.

Give and Take

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Great Thinking Inside

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HR-V Website

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HR-V Yahoo Billboard

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HR-V Youtube Unit

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