Honda Brand campaign

Honda Brand campaign

Honda Brand campaign

Campaign Overview

To spread "Start Something Special" to a broad audience, Honda launched two national brand TV spots, beginning with "Thank You" that broke 10/29. A collection of photographs and video of families and fans show their appreciation of the Honda brand. A voice-over says, "Thank you all for making your Honda more than a car. Thanks for making them something special." The spots aired on the NHL network and during NFL games.

A second spot, "Man and His Car," broke on YouTube. The spot tells the story of drivers who have a stronger, deeper, more "special" connection to their Hondas that stems from Honda's reliability and track record of being with you for many years.

"Man and His Car" chronicles this special relationship between one particular Honda Fit and its owner. From the beginning—until the end. Through the good and bad. Through the everyday and the momentous events.

"Man and His Car" is supported through Honda's social media channels.

Thank You

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A Man and His Car

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