CR-V Leap List

CR-V Leap List

CR-V Leap List

Campaign Overview

An integrated advertising campaign supported the launch of the all-new Honda CR-V, featuring six national TV spots and a unique online destination at

The campaign encouraged consumers to conquer their aspirations before transitioning into the next phase of life by completing their own "Leap List," while also communicating how the CR-V can help achieve each and every task.

Users could create and share their own "Leap List," a personal checklist of everything you want to do before everything you have to do at After completing their list, users could enter the CR-V Leap Year contest or learn about the CR-V. The site also encourages users to share their "Leap Lists" via Facebook.

Spots ran on ABC, CBS, NBC and CW during prime-time programming, as well as during the BCS Championship game. Branded entertainment tie-ins occurred as well, including an integration of the CR-V into an episode of "The Bachelor".

Print ads featured the headline, "Before I (get married/settle down/have kids), I want to . . .," and appeared in various publications including "Entertainment Weekly," "Esquire," "People" and "Sports Illustrated."


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CR-V print spread

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