Campaign Overview

When we were tasked with launching the next generation of the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, we faced a challenge. For starters, the alternative-fuel vehicles category is dominated by electric vehicles. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are less well-known — and even less well-understood. We needed to educate people that hydrogen is literally the most abundant element in the universe, that the only emissions that fuel-cell vehicles produce is water, and that a fuel cell vehicle can look and feel like a regular car.

Since the Clarity Fuel Cell is a major initiative for Honda, an additional challenge was to broaden the appeal of alternative-fuel vehicles beyond the traditional (and extremely limited) demographic of high-information, environmentally conscious drivers.

To do both, we looked to Honda's long-running environmental mantra, "Blue Skies For Our Children." This speaks to improving the health of the planet, but doing it with the good of the next generation in mind. And who better to visualize the future than kids themselves? We transformed a classic rock song into a future-forward anthem brought to you by hydrogen molecules themselves.

Thinking About Tomorrow :60

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Fast Fill :15

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366 Miles :15

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Is This Car From the Future :90

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Refueling Is Easy :65

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Nerding Out On Fuel Cell :65

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Hondas History of Rethinking Fuel :66

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Good Times Behind the Wheel :86

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