Civic Coupe

Civic Coupe

Civic Coupe

Campaign Overview

In "Square," ( the Civic Coupe's new 30-second TV spot, a world is depicted that is dominated by dull square forms, from square people and square dogs to square cars, even the ad itself is shown in a square format. This "square" world is completely disrupted when the all-new Civic Coupe arrives, flaunting a new sleek design and sporty curves. When airing on TV and in pre-roll formats, the commercial will be confined into a square format, which will then expand into full frame as the Civic Coupe arrives.

"The bold styling and dynamic performance of the all-new Honda Civic Coupe have reset customer expectations for the compact car experience," said Susie Rossick, Assistant Vice President of Marketing at American Honda. "Our new campaign visually represents how the Civic Coupe is breaking the rules of conformity."

"Square" will debut across high profile primetime, sports (NHL and NBA), cable and online video properties. Print executions will illustrate that 'Curves are Better' in publications including Car and Driver, Road & Track, Autoweek, Motor Trend and Automobile.

On the digital front, cross-platform and high-impact advertising units will be featured across select partners, such as Google, Amazon and Pandora. Targeted digital and search support will continue across various platforms, rolling out engaging programs in support of the all-new Civic Coupe throughout the campaign to maintain awareness.

The social media execution continues Honda's tradition of pushing the status-quo boundary by building the first-ever crowd sourced stunt track to tout the performance of the all-new Civic Coupe with the #CivicDreamTrack. Honda is leveraging Facebook and Twitter, asking fans for ideas on how to create the ultimate "Dream Track". If a fan's suggestion gets used in the making of the stunt track, that fan will get a special social media shout-out from Honda. A video of the #CivicDreamTrack will debut across Honda social channels in mid-June. Sneak peeks will also be featured on Honda's Snapchat.


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