Brand Sponsorship

Brand Sponsorship

Brand Sponsorship

Campaign Overview

Honda's new campaign highlights their support for Little League Baseball, NHL, IndyCar, Honda Classics and Honda Stage, a music performance series.

The campaign follows five children from the moment they begin to dream of making it big to the moment that dream is reached. What makes the campaign unique is that each spot uses a continuous camera movement to capture a single action, while moving forward in time across the stages of each subject's career.

A combination of high-speed motion control dollies and camera array systems were used to create a sense of depth and angle change within each near-frozen moment. Notably, the camera array system used a rig that incorporated over 75 cameras in order to move further through space in less time than any dolly physically could.

The result beautifully illustrates Honda's commitment to supporting the Power of Dreams of aspiring athletes and musicians.

Slapshot :30

[vimeo vimeoid="144791926"]

Finish Line :30

[vimeo vimeoid="144791925"]