Anderson and Lydia

Anderson and Lydia

Anderson and Lydia

Campaign Overview

Two new Honda spots ("Anderson's Accord" and "Lydia's Civic") that highlight the features and competitive advantages of Honda's two core vehicles launched recently. They use a complex camera technique called parallax (see behind-the-scenes), whereby the camera and scenery are moved in such a way that the car appears to be moving when in actuality it's standing still. Oscar-winning DP Claudio Miranda (Life of Pi, Tron), directed by US through Reset (USA) and Academy Films (UK) and the RPA team worked with elaborate lighting and choreography to simulate varied locations within each spot.

The Accord spot was filmed in one single shot, the last take being the one used in the ad. All the effects were done in camera, for example, the lane markings in "Lydia's Civic" moved like conveyor belts across the floor. The sets were life-size pieces pushed in and off-camera by crews__; some pieces were on rails, others free-standing like the truck set in the Accord spot, which came within a hair's breadth of the car as it moved across the space.

This work continues the "Start Something Special" tagline introduced last September.

Anderson's Accord

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Lydia's Civic

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