University of Farmers

University of Farmers

University of Farmers

Campaign Overview

Continuing the successful University of Farmers® campaign, Farmers Insurance produced several TV spots featuring actor J.K. Simmons as the illustrious Professor Nathaniel Burke.

Two spots, "Jack In the Box" and "Maze," introduced this new series of work. "Jack In The Box" began airing Jan. 2 during the Rose Bowl and sets the tone for the new round of work. The spot features a class of future Farmers agents looking on as Professor Burke spins the handle of a giant jack in the box that represents the unexpected surprises that homeowners sometimes face. "Maze" takes a birds-eye view of a man wandering around a dense and twisting maze. Professor Burke and future Farmers agents watch from above and calmly provide information to help him through the obstacle—just like a Farmers agent walks their customers through the process of choosing the insurance that best fits their needs.

Jack in the Box

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