Dick Fowler, P.I.

Dick Fowler, P.I.

Dick Fowler, P.I.

Campaign Overview

A new series of humorous online videos from Farmers Insurance feature PGA TOUR player Rickie Fowler playing the role of Dick Fowler, P.I., a loose-cannon private investigator and dispenser of golf-course justice. The four-episode series demonstrates how it's better to play it smart on the golf course, just as it's better to play it smart with your insurance.

In each installment, Dick Fowler, P.I., and his trusty caddy patrol the links, using their golf smarts to enforce proper course etiquette and punish wrongdoers. Two episodes launch the effort, "Backswing Sting" and "Divot Dummy," in which Fowler punishes a man speaking loudly on his cell phone while others are trying to play, and teaches a tough lesson to a perpetrator who doesn’t replace his divots.

The Dick Fowler, P.I., series can be viewed on YouTube as well as a tab on Farmers' Facebook page and will be supported by promoted Tweets. In addition, a Twitter handle (@DickFowlerPI) has been created to extend the Dick Fowler persona, and to tweet golf and insurance tips.

Backswing Sting

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Divot Dummy

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Driver vs. Driver

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Love Trap

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