Campaign Overview

Farmers Insurance has launched a campaign with Marvel's The Avengers to promote its partnership with the summer blockbuster. The campaign features actor J.K. Simmons as the illustrious Professor Nathaniel Burke, with his usual six sidekick agents dressed up in homemade Marvel's The Avengers costumes touting, "We're the superheroes of insurance!"

In the TV spot, "Suit Up," (:30) directed by Roman Coppola, Professor Burke and the agents explore the similarities between being a Super Hero and being a super agent.

A print ad by Marvel Custom Solutions recreates the TV spot in comic book form and will run in select Marvel comic books in May and June. A 2-minute 30-second behind-the-scenes video interviews costume designers, the prop team, and the super agents about incorporating Marvel's The Avengers into the University of Farmers spot. To extend the campaign on Facebook, six hand-drawn "how-to" diagrams will be posted to help fans recreate the Marvel's The Avengers costumes as seen in the TV spot.

The TV spot will launch on April 16, on premium primetime programming including "Dancing with the Stars," "2 Broke Girls" and "Biggest Loser" and will run on cable networks that resonate with Marvel's The Avengers fans, such as AMC, Comedy Central, TBS, TNT and Discovery Channel. Integrated creative will also run online on ABC, CBS and Hulu.

Suit Up

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"How to" diagram: Black Widow

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"How to" diagram: Captain America

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"How to" diagram: Hawkeye

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"How to" diagram: Hulk

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"How to" diagram: Iron Man

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"How to" diagram: Thor

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Custom Comic Ad

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