15 Seconds of Smart

15 Seconds of Smart

15 Seconds of Smart

Campaign Overview

Designed to help consumers become smarter about insurance by showing a number of important and practical insurance tips, the It's Smarter to Have a Plan campaign also reinforces Farmers Insurance's position as a strong and experienced company with knowledgeable and industry-leading agents.

In this new round of work, Professor Burke continues to act as a proxy for actual Farmers agents, helping consumers get smart about insurance, everyday risks and offering practical solutions. Burke will leave the confines of the University of Farmers campus to the real world where insurance meets the customer. Burke will walk with customers through a number of settings and will point out risks that a consumer might not have previously considered. In a departure from much of the industry's current advertising, the focus of the Farmers campaign will be on helping consumers avoid problems. Rather than concentrating on price of coverage explanations, the campaign will feature helpful tips to empower consumers.

The first of six new TV spots that launched is called "Suds" and features Professor Burke. He reminds consumers about the significant impact that common homeowner mistakes, like forgetting to replace washing machine hoses, can have on their lives. Another tip reminds consumers to add extra coverage for more expensive items. The spot also pulls from surprising industry data. For example teen drivers are four times more likely to get into an accident.

As the campaign continues, additional spots will share relevant facts, preventative tips and interesting insights — demonstrating in a witty and approachable manner that Farmers Insurance and their University of Farmers-trained agents are committed to making consumers smarter about insurance.

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