15 Seconds of Smart

15 Seconds of Smart

15 Seconds of Smart

Campaign Overview

Farmers Insurance launched 15 15-second online videos created to provide consumers with important insurance-related tips in unique and engaging ways. The comical videos are part of the new chapter in the larger University of Farmers advertising campaign, "It's Smarter to Have a Plan." Several Vine videos will also spout quick tips to Twitter users starting August 12.

The short videos will be hosted on YouTube and housed on a landing-page site that will live off of the brand website, at Smart.Farmers.com. The 15 Seconds of Smart site will feature a growing library of videos, in a variety of different formats. Some will be extremely simple live-action pieces, while others use different techniques and styles, such as simple animation, stop-motion, video-game, old Kung Fu movie and ‘80s PSA. No two video styles look alike.

Avoid Road Rage

[vimeo vimeoid="129122865"]

Get Better Passwords

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Watch Out for Space Heaters

[vimeo vimeoid="129122868"]

Fix Your Windshield

[vimeo vimeoid="154917049"]

Frozen Pipes

[vimeo vimeoid="154900426"]