Campaign Overview

Acura has launched a comprehensive marketing campaign to debut the ILX, an all-new compact luxury sedan positioned as the gateway to the Acura brand. The Gen Y-focused campaign is designed to help usher energetic, young consumers into the luxury market with TV, digital and print advertising.

Featuring notable tunes from The Ting Tings and Nick Waterhouse, the two TV and in-theater ads utilize a split screen portraying synchronized Gen Yers simultaneously building their careers and social lives, winding through airports and corporate offices on one side and navigating upscale resorts and nightclubs on the other. In each ad, "Airport" and "Office" the character ends the journey in the driver's seat of an ILX.

Because of Gen Y's inherent interest in digital media, Acura plans to support the ILX launch with its largest-ever budget allocation to interactive media. Placements are scheduled on sites such as Xbox LIVE, Pandora and GOOD.


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