Make Something Happen


What is 6F?

It’s a blank page, for you to make something happen.

It’s an opportunity to bring a project to life.

It’s for curious minds to work together across disciplines,
solve problems and learn a bunch.

It’s fun. It’s social. It’s challenging.

It’s explained in greater detail below.


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What is 6F?

It’s an opportunity for you to make something happen.

It’s a program designed to inspire RPA associates to bring a project to life, and to help them take responsibility for learning what it takes to do so.

The program runs for six weeks, plus a kick-off session and a final wrap-up celebration.


What are the dates of the next session?

The next session will kick off on Monday, September 24th at 5pm in the Pub.

Then, every Monday for 6 weeks.

Then a “final presentation” of projects and celebration for all the 6F teams on Monday, November 12th.


What does the name 6F mean?

It’s a geeky way of saying “blank page.” 6F is short for #FFFFFF – the hex code in html for the color white.


How does 6F work?

Each session begins with a kick-off meeting, open to anyone interested in learning more.

During this kick-off, participants will nominate ideas they’d like to bring to life. People join teams with ideas they feel passionate about. If you don’t want to work on anything, no pressure.

Then, each team works for six weeks to bring the project to life. Group meetings are scheduled every Monday from 5-7pm, to add some predictable structure.

Each week’s session will begin with some coaching to help teams focus on the right things and make genuine progress. Teams are also welcome and encouraged to meet as often as they like in between sessions.


What kind of ideas make good 6F projects?

Anything, really.

But experience has shown us that there tends to be three basic categories:

We'd love to see people attack projects that could be big PR opportunities for the agency, that could be valuable for our clients, or that will make working at RPA even better.


So, wait, I can make anything happen?

You can try to make anything happen. Keep in mind, just because you want to make something happen, that doesn’t always mean you’ll be successful.

You’re still responsible for discovering who needs to be consulted, who needs to approve things, who might have their feelings hurt or be offended, and how to secure funding if needed. Just like real life.

6F is about challenging yourself and learning how to bring an idea to life.


What kinds of projects have teams made happen in the past?

Created an agency philanthropic club: RPACares

Built a robot

Started an on-demand volunteering app

Created a sports club

Brewed their own beer (Brew6F)

Created an RPA "Green Team" to focus on agency sustainability

Built a "Kitten Kit" to help people foster kittens

Timesheet UX improvement

Late-night Dinner Program

Project: Riviera — Cannes

Noobs Gaming Club

Skillzzz Training Sharing Platform

...and many more.


What if I missed the start of the session?

No big deal.

6F is a mindset as much as a program. You’re welcome to start a project whenever you like. Just gather a team, and make it happen. We encourage our associates to be proactive. The official 6-week program is simply designed to give things some structure and a little extra oomph.

Since we started this program, associates have developed all kinds of programs and projects that adopted this mindset, even when they weren’t developed during the six week session.


What should I put on my timesheets?

This is considered “extra-curricular” and takes place after regular work hours end. So, there is no time code for 6F.


Has anyone done a TEDx Talk about this?

As a matter of fact, yes.