Honda Info Center 2.0

Finding greater strength in fewer numbers.

Two of the many websites we've created for Honda over the years are Honda Info Center and Honda Tech Tutor.  

These two sites originally were designed to inform sales consultants at dealerships, but ultimately evolved to enlighten consumers as well. Honda Info Center provided detailed feature and benefit information on Honda automobiles, and Honda Tech Tutor was the place to find how-to videos for using the features. Recognizing that the audiences for the two sites were similar — and that greater efficiency and a better user experience were possible — we embraced the challenge of combining the sites.

The result is Honda Info Center 2.0 — a consumer-first website, ensuring easy access to the feature/benefit information as well as the how-to videos. Our approach also allows sales consultants to view password-protected content, including previews of soon-to-launch products and competitive-product reviews.

During the design phase, we conducted testing with Honda sales consultants. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with reviewers citing greater ease and user-friendliness in using the site.  

The new Honda Info Center simplifies site management with an integrated database of product information and awards shared with the Honda Automobiles site. Updates are handled quickly and easily with flexible, intuitive authoring tools. And the end result is a single destination for consumers and sales consultants to get the information they want in just a few clicks.

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