Where There’s Hockey, There’s Honda

How a new sponsor became a trusted friend.

As a brand-new sponsor of the NHL, Honda wanted their advertising to feel authentic. It was something we had found was important to hockey fans. And since we wanted to sell them trucks and SUVs, that’s exactly the kind of work we needed to create.

Our first campaign celebrated hockey parents, the unsung heroes of the sport. We showed real parents driving their kids to games and practices at the crack of dawn. In the dead of winter. Then sitting in the stands and freezing their tails off. No one had done anything like it before. Honda, and the NHL, were very happy with it.

As time went on, we expanded the campaign to show other unique and special traditions of the sport. We built an outdoor rink. We carried the greatest trophy in sports in a “cupholder” and showered a Honda Pilot with hats. And an octopus. With a couple of NHL stars inside. The campaign has been a great success for Honda. So much so that the sponsorship continues to this day.

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