Southern California Edison

Inspiring a Customer Base to Feel Like a Community… 

…and act like one, too. 

As a clean-energy leader, Southern California Edison is pursuing a transformative goal: a 100% carbon-free California by 2045. But they can’t do it alone. Achieving a clean energy future will take the support of ordinary Southern Californians making significant changes in their own lives. From electric vehicles to solar panels, from adopting smart thermostats to switching to smarter rate plans – and taking advantage of a host of other incentives and resources from their partners at SCE. 

When we developed the campaign to drive this massive shift, we identified a major challenge. As utility customers, people often feel powerless and isolated. We needed them to feel powerful – and united. We needed to inspire collective action, and make a lofty goal feel achievable in the near term. And we needed Southern Californians to recognize that the actions they take, however ordinary, will ladder up to an extraordinary difference for the community we share. 

We answered with a rallying cry that made heroes of ordinary Southern Californians of all walks of life. Because whether you’re Frank or Francis, Damien or Danielle, every one of us now has the power to make a clean-energy California.

And because the state of California requires SCE to provide trans-creations across six languages, we concepted and developed the work with multicultural audiences in mind from the very beginning.

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