Importing a Brand to Mexico

After many decades as a tightly regulated retail gasoline market, Mexico allowed private companies to import fuel and sell at the retail level in 2016. ARCO was one of the first foreign brands to enter Mexico so the brand needed a differentiated communication strategy that could help build a consumer base, consideration, and usage of ARCO gasoline and diesel products in a territory where consumers had no previous exposure to non-state-owned brands.

In collaboration with our international partners, the “We import what matters” campaign was developed to introduce ARCO as a trustworthy, quality brand—the only one that offered high-quality, imported TOP TIER gas from the U.S. Each campaign iteration highlighted main attributes the brand was “importing” along with its products, such as performance, trust, quality, energy, power, and experience. Taking advantage of having full-service sites, we showcased ARCO dispatchers, bringing the human side of the brand into our visuals. After six years of consistent growth, ARCO now has more than 230 sites in seven Mexican states.

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