A personalized shopping experience tailored to individual shoppers.

Shopping for a new car can be complicated and daunting. The new ShopHonda website simplifies the process by helping people find the right vehicle faster than ever before.

When ShopHonda first launched in 2006, it functioned primarily as a media destination for people who were close to making a purchase decision. Most site visitors already had a good idea of which vehicle and features they wanted. ShopHonda gave them the tools they needed to expedite that purchase decision.

Today’s redesigned ShopHonda site is smarter, faster and better.

Through extensive research, we learned that when people are shopping for a vehicle online, customized content is king. So ShopHonda now provides specific, targeted information on every Honda vehicle. And since an effective website experience starts with the media that leads people there, our new banner ads take shoppers directly to Web pages that focus on the information visitors are most interested in. For example, if shoppers click on an Accord banner that touts fuel efficiency, they’re taken directly to a page that highlights the vehicle’s mpg rating.

By surfacing content that matches an individual’s specific interests, ShopHonda gives people the information they want to make confident, informed decisions. As a result, the site helps connect car buyers with the Honda of their dreams, bringing joy to drivers and passengers alike.

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