Chasing Greatness through AI

How we mimicked scenes that social media rugged drivers would boast about.

Rugged off road drivers have a unique language on social media — they like to show off tips, tricks, and all that their vehicles can do. We see this in the posts they share, the groups they join, and the Reddit threads they start. Adventuring has become a mindset that begs to be posted and shared across the internet.

Enter our Honda Rugged Reboot social media campaign. To help launch the new Honda Ridgeline and Passport, we wanted to show off all the rugged chops that these vehicles have, just like their drivers do on a day of adventure. To do so, we leveraged artificial intelligence (AI) technology to seamlessly overlay various scenes in which our vehicles could drive and load up their cargo spaces for anything headed their way.

These fast-paced videos highlighted the Honda Trailsport lineup in a fresh, social-first, and captivating way that reflected the type of videos rugged drivers boast about.

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