R vs. R: The Impossible Race

Merging virtual reality and actual reality to launch the Honda Civic Type R.

The Type R is the pinnacle of Honda innovation, performance, and motorsports. It exemplifies the Honda spirit and brand. And since this car is the halo car of Honda, we needed a campaign as ambitious as the car itself.

For years, American racing fans could only drive the Honda Civic Type R in video games. To christen the long-anticipated arrival of the real Type R in the United States, we decided to show what it could really do — in the real world. What follows is a mixed-reality race between the Type R in the virtual world and the Type R in the real world, competing in real-time. Spoiler alert: the Type R won.  

After creating a long-form video, we repurposed assets for greater cost savings to be used in Instagram Stories, Facebook canvas ads, YouTube pre-roll ads, and short-form videos.

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